Work and Wander: Part 3

A Sweet Serenity Haven. That is how I describe Arca’s Yard perfectly. Arca’s Yard is an antiquated bed and breakfast place, café, library, art gallery and mini museum; all wrapped into one. Arca’s Yard is located at Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet. On my last stay in Baguio, i took the chance to visit and personally experience all the favorable comments about this nice and cushy place.

As you enter the cafe, I noticed a framed photo of a woman that is hanging just beside the entrance. And because of my hankering inquisitiveness, i asked one of the servers who she was.Untitled

She was Ninja Sabado. The owner of Arca’s Yard. The story started when Ninja Sabado was mourning the death of her mother. Their home in the almost remote and scenic Tip-Top in Ambuklao Road, became her refuge. The lovely view of pine trees, mountains, and the distant horizon up there somehow eased her heartbreak, and at the same time inspired her as an artist to create artworks. Her sadness eventually created something beautiful when she turned their home into Arca’s Yard. Arca by the way was her late father. It was such an inspiring story that made me fall in love more with this cafe.


My favorite spot where you can squat while having your nice cup of tea  while reading your best loved book..:)

There are a wide array of antique collection of wooden spoons from different Cordillera indigenous groups. The walls are decorated with the paintings and artworks of Baguio-based artists.

There is a veranda where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Baguio Sierra. I chose to have my seat here to relish the view and appreciate the cold breeze as it kisses my face.16864392_10154052047937723_2506888468670883002_n

Visiting the Arca’s yard will never be complete without having a taste of the Cafe’s Specialty – the famous Camote Pie Ala Mode. This is perfectly combined with my order of Cloud Tea with cream. Camote or sweet potato pie  a la mode has the distinct taste of camote with the  right sweetness mixed with vanilla ice cream. It was just so heavenly..:)



Arca’s Yard Cafe is excellent for lone time  while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.The camote pie and cloud tea has unique and exquisite savour. It is a peaceful hideaway where you can truly enjoy the tranquility and calmness with nature.

If you want to rest from the strenous and bustling life of the metropolis, Arca’s Yard is definitely the crowning place to be.


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