Work and Wander: Part 2

A Hidden Paradise in a Penthouse. An Oasis in Session.Oh My Gulay ( “Gulay” – Filipino word for vegetables ) is a vegetarian restaurant that is located on the fifth floor of the La Azotea Green Building along Session Road, Baguio. Owned by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik, this distinguished restaurant offers not only good tasting vegetarian dishes, but also a nature-inspired Art Cafe that is like a mini museum structured into a cozy restaurant.


Entrance door to Oh My Gulay

Upon reaching the top, i was astounded and truly amazed on how this place was skillfully created. The whole place is heterogenous, very diverse and dominantly sheathed with lushes and greens.


There is a small pond right in the middle with few Koi fish and a cute signage that says ” Please do not feed us coins”. The wooden stairway leads to an open second level where you can catch a glimpse of the city view.



One of the best feature of the restaurant is the laid back atmosphere as the place is highlighted by the masterworks of the VOCAS (Victor Oteyza Community Art Space) artists. There are artworks everywhere and even have a small art gallery room.


If you love veggies like me, you will surely love the menu served at Oh My Gulay.The menu plighted a lot of delectable veggie-ful pastas, salads, soups, with some distinctive ingredients. It has funny and willful menus which made it even more interesting like, “Heneral Luna’s Punyetang Shitake”, “Cesar Asar” and “Anak ng Putanesca”.



For us, we ordered Pancit Gulay ni Pepe, egg noodles with tofu, vegetables and spicy pancit sauce. Bonifacio’s Waldofesto, a salad with sliced apples, celery, potatoes, egg slices, nuts and garlic mayo pesto. ( this is yummy!) and for the sandwich, Macli-Ing Club Sandwich , a double decker sandwich with tomatoes, cucumber, fried eggs and mixed greens.


Thank you to these wonderful couple (Ruel and Rhiza Jaramilla) who have given me the leisure to try the one of the best vegetarian restaurant that provides so much more than what is offered on the menu.


If you happen to be in Baguio, Oh My Gulay is a commendable and worthy place to come by and take a munch! 🙂


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