That thing called Love.

Tommorrow is Valentine’s Day. This special day is prototypically a passionate and romantic celebration together with special people closest to your heart. Along with, this is the perfect occassion to indulge in chocolates and admire dainty flower bouquets, read mushy greeting cards, and go out on fancy candle light dinner dates.

Love is such an immense word to define. It is immeasurable and unbounded.

But what exactly is the context of Love?

In this feature, i randomly asked a few people the loveliest descriptions about the peculiar, mystifying and that crazy thing called Love.


“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything.” 😍 

Benj Angeles, Papa John- Assistant Restaurant Manager, Dubai United Arab Emirates

“Love – is probably one of the hardest words to define because it can’t be measured it can’t be exact. It is between caring and obsession – quite a very fine line to cross. It can’t be t16473184_10154339305371417_7892693517318223354_naught but it can be learn. We always have it in us just different ways of how we nurture it that’s why there are people who love more intensely than others. 

Love is overseeing the limitations rather embraces all potentials. It is the feeling of wanting to see the happiness with oneself and towards others, in other words love for me wishes no harm , wishes no sickness no boundaries no time. it is the feeling of comfort and security that is nowhere near to being fenced – it is always free. It is an unexplainable connection we get towards any living being you give it and expect nothing in return.” 

Minnie Daylusan, International Cake and Cupcake Make-up Artist,                                             Sydney, Australia

229545_4192014172791_38595662_n“Love is ….Looking out for the welfare of another without expecting anything in return. Simply seeing the other person happy is fulfillment in itself. Love is selfless… that is why one enjoys giving for the sake of the beloved.”

Joel Ilagan, The SM Store Cabanatuan-Assistant Mall Manager, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

“Since I can remember, Love meant more to me than just a fleeting feeling of euphoria and intense joy. Love had always been my constant sun, my midnight sky, my compass, my beacon. It grew together with the passing of my years, and it has nourished me all days of my life. 


It is the eyes of a child full of wonder and warmth, it is the genuine sincerity and wisdom of people who matter, it is the wind that blows serenely on my face, reminding me that I am alive and that I am free. It is contentment in the now, and gratefulness for what has been. It is hope amidst the uncertainty, but also the courage for what will be.

Love is kind, giving, whole. It multiples when shared and calms you within. It speaks only the truth, and understands your intricacies. It dwells in all things beautiful and ugly. It scars, it heals, it conquers all.

I love how Love made me human. Love is, and will always be the story of my life.”♥️♥️

– Attorney Genevieve V. Guevarra, Comelec, Manila, Philippines

10155909_10205877688879036_7465035900163846706_n“Love is when you decide to share your life with someone whom you know would never be the perfect person you wished and prayed for.”

Cindy Encarnacion, The Outsourced Accountant-Accountant, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

14292284_1531213253570851_3495530041694423493_n“Love is the most powerful force and and the most wonderful gift from God that no one can explain you just feel it.”

Rommel Tolentino, Starbucks Coffee Company – General Manager Saskatchewan, Canada

“What is love? The answer depends on who you ask the question for love is an experience.. We have experienced it, or experiencing it, and how we have experienced it will define what love is the next time it comes around.
Love is a happy, pleasant feeling capable of putting us in a trance – you hea13668998_10206652956187403_3481985573365466618_nr imagined music in your head, you smile for no reason, you change your habits no matter how you deny it.. You’re dreamy,.. The beginning and end of your day is Love.
Love is a state of heart and mind. If love is heart alone, we diminish into our frailties-the stranger version of us. If love is mostly a heart thing, we’ll lose the nature of “me “. If the mind is what mostly defines love, then that’s selfish. But identifying our take on love between heart and mind will always remain a predicament… That’s why we take the risk of loving. … I think that’s the only thing we don’t give up on quite easily… We just bid our time for the next love to come around. 😊 – Jayce Cotelo Campollo, Self-employed and Part -time Writer / Lecturer, Makati, Philippines


“Love : Cornerstone of our mind and heart💕
What ever it is that life will brings us, in the end nothing matters as long as we have each other and our sons”

May Orallo and Tak Togashi, Tokyo, Japan


“Love is limitless. We always say we love with “all our heart” and it simply means no limits. It may be too much or too little. It does’nt require a specific intensity, effort or number. When we love we don’t really measure how much or how little, it is simply limitless.” – Selina Cura-Senethavysouk, Medical Assistant, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Price Way Vallejo California


” Love is Angelo.”💕

Maria Mi, Marketing Communications Manager, Hougang, Singapore 


“Love is a process. You need to work on it and harness it daily. It is a choice and a decision to make it last.”🙂 – Ayen Mercado, Restaurant Manager, Jollibee Paniqui, Philippines 


“Love is selfless.”

Michelle Abergas, Registered Nurse, Edmonton, Canada


“Love is the ultimate commitment a person can make to their partner. It takes a lot of selflessness and devotion to share your life with someone. To love is to stay true to your promise of building a life together. Each day is a compromise, a reminder that no matter what, you’re always going to choose your love above all else. The only person in my life that I chose to be with is Scott. I was born into a family that I (for good or bad) did not choose to be born into (people don’t get to do that) but when you choose a person to love, it’s free will, and so to me love is the ultimate act of selflessness.When we love we see what other people do not see.We see with loving eyes. We see beneath the surface, the qualities that make our beloved special and unique.”

Lucy Woods, Dental Hygienist, Newport Beach, California

There are multitude and hundreds of definitions of love. Every single person has his or her own meaning because each one of us has our own love story to tell. Love is one of the most extraordinary and satisfying experience we can have as human beings. Subjectively,I believe that Love is more of the connections of the soul. I once read an article that says,

Soul connections are eternal. Every other relationship we have, no matter how sweet, kind, intimate or apparently meaningful, will in the end be revealed to be only temporary. And this truth can be hard to bear, especially when we experience this in relationship to people we have felt very, very close to. It’s only when we meet another in the mutual recognition of life’s ultimate mystery, that liberating metaphysical truth which transcends anything and everything relative, that we experience a connection that is endless. Once you really connect at the deepest level, the level of the soul, it’s forever. “



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