The Jump of My Life: Canyoneering Escapade in Cebu

I am not afraid of heights. But jumping from heights is another statement. I have read a lot of blogs, witness overwhelming adventure photos and videos about the well-known downstream Canyoneering in Cebu. Just this January 2017, i had this one of a kind inwardness embracing back nature. I never planned of going to Cebu but after learning that my officemates were already booked for a trip, i finally decided to make my last minute booking. My primary purpose is to experience how it is to do Canyoning (known in the U.S. as canyoneering). This extreme outdoor activity is travelling in canyons that compels a considerable deal of trekking, climbing, diving and swimming. Together with my workmates, Sir Marvin and Sir Jhay, we bravely, without hesitation, agreed on trying this ultimate adventure. In order to make this extraordinary pursuit safe and sure, I had early arrangements with one of the established and well-trained Licensed DOT accredited operator, Canyoneering Cebu, Badian Adventure. Check their Facebook:


It was our second day in Cebu. We slept early the night before in order to gather enough vigor and strength and prepare for this big day. We woke up at 5:00 am and went straight to Cebu South Bus Terminal to catch the 6:00 am trip headed to Badian. From the terminal, we took the bus (Ceres Bus or Color YELLOW BUS) going to “BATO VIA BARILI” and advised the driver/dispatcher to drop us at Asuncion Badian Resort.(Known for the old name – La Playa Beach Resort) Travel time is about 3 to 4 hours. I was instructed to look for “ISAU” from the operations department upon arriving at Asuncion Badian Resort.


When we first set foot in Badian, i was not able to meet “Isau” but instead met “Kuya Dodoy”. Kuya Dodoy was our tour guide in our Canyoneering Expedition. We went to the house of “Isau” where we were informed to left our things and put on the necessary gears.



I personally and highly recommend Kuya Dodoy to be your tour guide. We were very much well taken cared of. He sees to it that we traverse the safest route. He patiently waits for each one of us as we pass through each easy or rigid paths. Best of all, he initially started our journey with a prayer for our safety and guidance.  You can directly contact him through his personal number: 0997-5416346

From Badian highway, it is a 20 minute “habal habal” ride to Barangay Kanlaob where the jump-off area is located. There is a required fee to be paid if you do not have early arrangements. For us, payment was already included in the package.


“Triple Patrol – Jhay, Marvin and Len”


All smiles before the exhilarating trek.. 🙂

After a trail of walk for about 5 minutes from the starting point, you’ll be asked to jump off an approximately 7 to 8 feet high cliff into the water. Sir Jhay was the first to jump. Due to intense nervousness and the stress of jumping first, he cast aside. Now, i have no choice but to do it first! Standing at the edge of a cliff is exceedingly daunting. My legs are crazily trembling! Mix thoughts and emotions crammed my whole being. i have never jumped as high as this in my entire life. But as they say, there’s no other way but to jump. With the power of my positive thoughts, supportive words from Kuya Dodoy, cheers from Sir Jhay and Sir Marvin plus my abounding trust to my life jacket.. i finally made it! After gathering enough guts and ample spirit, Sir Jhay made it too.


After the first lionhearted jump, we continue to walk and we caught sight of amazing rock formations and massive boulders. You can see natural pools along the trek and appreciate the scenic view of the natural world.



Kuya Dodoy was at the same time our official photographer. Unfortunately, we had limited photos of the site because we were saving my GoPro’s battery. But it turned out to be more fortunate for us because despite of the inadequacy of technology , we were able to deeply delight in the real wonders of what this beautiful world has to offer – the magnificent waterfalls, the abundant green and lush forest,  sparkling watercourses and we were enthralled by the harmony of the forest fauna. It was such a marvelous and exceptional encounter reuniting with Mother Nature.

At the middle of the trail, we were surprise to see a group of barbeque stands that sells food and refreshment for the hungry trekkers. We stopped by for a few minutes and took  small bites and hydrate ourselves to prepare for the next obstacles.

Just beside the barbeque stands, you will see the 20 feet high cliff jump. This one is a lot more insane but it is optional. Since we already tried several jumps and were able to conquer them, Sir Jhay and I were able to gather enough courage to try it. Again, first to jump was Sir Jhay. It took him about a few minutes to pull himself together and realized he needed more time to think. For the second time, it’s my turn to take the lead. For the moment, i was able to control well with my anxiety. I realized the more you spend time at the jumping point the more fear will conquer you. After Kuya Dodoy made his countdown, and his imposing voice for me to jump, without having second thoughts, i had the greatest jump of my life! 🙂


After a few walks, you will reach a man made dam near the Kawasan falls. We stopped by and took some few photos.

At last, we reached the Kawasan falls which is the end of the trail. A hearty lunch was waiting for us. With our stomach full and high spirits, we had a relaxing  and an incredibly cold massage by the Kawasan falls. It literally gave us the thrill and chills in our spines!

Canyoneering is a worth it experience. This will be one of my most unforgettable and greatest adventure. I am proud to say that for once, i did the grandest Jump of my Life! 🙂


Survived and still Alive!

See below and watch our video:



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