Angkasera Chronicles: Here Comes the Bride

I love Baguio. I have a treasure full of cherished memories here in my most loved city. I clearly remember my childhood days when my Dad was still alive, me and my family would spend our summer vacation in Baguio. My three brothers, Kuya Boy, Kuya Joe and Kuya Boyet were studying in St. Louis University that time and lived in a rented apartment somewhere in Trancoville. I feel very delighted when summer is about to begin because i know we will certainly spend our time in Baguio. We usually travel through Kennon Road. That time, Marcos Highway was an alternate route for private and public transportation especially during landslides. I love the beautiful Kennon. I love the perfect picturesque view of the mountains, grassy vegetation, and the fragrance of pine trees as you get closer to the city. It gives me a feeling of peace, calmness and tranquility. I cannot help but admire one of the waterfalls i see for the many years i pass through Kennon road. Never did i imagine that one day, i would be able to have a closer glimpse and totally embrace her splendour and beauty. This is my day spent in Bridal Veil Falls Kennon Road, Border of Barangay Camp 1 & Barangay Camp 2, Tuba, Benguet.img_20170114_112254

From afar, the falls look like a lengthy, long, bridal veil composedly on a massive rock wall.


Passage to the falls, you will cross the rusty metal hanging bridge built high above the narrow Bued River. It is a hefty challenge for an acrophobic individual as you cross the bridge because it sways and shrieks with every step.

This is my first time to cross a hanging bridge. To make the moment truly worthwhile, i took my obligatory selfie shot. 🙂


Halfway to the bridge, i took a shot to have a view of the Bued River below.

IMG_20170114_113901.jpgI cannot help but feel very much enthusiastic as i came closer to the falls..IMG_20170114_113935.jpgI wondered at its magnificent height at a closer distance. All the more, i admired the fullness of its exquisiteness.


Generally, Bridal Veil Falls is exceptional in it’s clarity, purity and simplicity. It was indeed a graceful sight to see.. 🙂



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