2016: A Closet Full of Memories

In retrospect, here’s how my 2016 completed my closet with full of treasured memories…


Five Years’ Service Awardee. It was a prestigious moment for me to start the year with a big celebration of my loyalty service at work. Indeed, it imparts pride and honor working in one of the biggest mall operators in Southeast Asia.


“The Privilege to work is a Gift, the Power to work is a Blessing, the Love of work is Success! “

– David O. McKay


In my drawing competence, I have always dreamt of creating something distinct, something extraordinary and different from the usual pen-and-paper drawing kind of thing. I have never imagined I will be able to make that dream turned into reality. This was the time when I made my very own Masterwork, my Magnum Opus. It was created 6 consecutive nights, after my work shifts, 100% all hand painted and approximately 15×10 feet. My first ever Chef-d’oeuvre, My Doodle Art Mural! And every time I see my art, my heart melts.. ❤


“When Love and Skill work together, expect a Masterpiece”

– John Ruskin


According to research by genealogy.com, approximately 46 percent of families organize an annual reunion. Summer is the most common time of year to hold a reunion, furthermore, this is the season to unwind, relax and ideal time for a perfect getaway from the hustles and bustles of life. This summer is far different from the past summers that we had. After 26 long, lingering years, my Kuya Boy and his wife, Ate Anne together with their two lovely daughters which we met for the first time, Callie and Dana finally went home from US. It was a genuine and wholehearted reunion in the family.


“Trees without roots fall over”


April is a month committed for families and friends. First week was entirely for my brother and family revisiting their roots. It was overloaded with catching up, reminiscing childhood memories, non-stop binging, boisterous laughter, the feeling of not wanting to sleep because of endless stories and cherishing even the pettiest moments. Moments that you do not want to put an end because every single instant is very significant and valuable. Barely a month, my brother and his family flew back to US. Though we were not given more chance to spend more time with one another, we made sure that every minute we had was delightful! 🙂


“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it to”

– Leo Christopher


Raising teenagers is an ordeal. As they say, parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do. This month Wayne faced his greatest lesson in school by attending an immersion. An immersion is a summer program given to students with conduct issues by doing community service work. These group of students went to Sitio Tarukan located in the remote mountains of Capas near the infamous Mt. Pinatubo. The village is where the Aetas or the “uplanders” lived. Each student was assigned to a family where they get to live with them, eat with them, sleep with them and get involved in a real-life encounter. As a parent, I am thankful that my son was able to experience this kind of inwardness. They get to learn that these people are not different from them because they share the same dreams and aspirations as they do. They just have to realize that they are luckier and must learn to value and appreciate more of what they have in life.


**photos from Google images

” You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow up with them” – David Green


My Birth Month. I spend my day celebrating with the people I love and played billiards. I am no master of the game but I came to understand that in winning, you have to strategize, calculate your moves and have to play by the rules. Adding a number in age is a responsibility to attain maturity and self awareness. It is something learned rather than acquired. Just like the game, you are responsible in every possible move you make, similar to taking charge of your own happiness. Plot your own goals, define your success and take control of your own life. I made a lot mistakes in the past and will commit more in the future. But these what makes me human. Blemished, flawed and imperfect. I know i still have a long journey to take and more trials to face. But i am ready to position my cue ball and point in the right direction to knock in the perfect pocket.


” Aging is not an option, not for anyone. It is how gracefully we handle the process and how lucky we are, as the process handles us.” – Cindy McDonald

July & August

Another member of our family is home. My Kuya Joseph and wife, Carla and their three kids, Teejay, Jessica and Nica came from the US. These rainy months were filled with so much liveliness and excitement. They said, ” When it rains on your parade, look up rather than down because without the rain, there would be no rainbow” Certainly, it was a colorful and vibrant moment in our family. Aside from the reunion, the month of August celebrates the 15th birthday of the most special person in my life, my greatest blessing.. My Wayne.. 🙂 My son will be facing another stage in his life. In the same way for me now that he is entering teenhood. I call this as part of my “sweet challenge” – exhausting, difficult, distressing but overwhelming and rewarding. I am proud to say that raising my son alone is my greatest achievement. At the end of the day, as I watch him, I sort of miss the baby boy he was. But all the more, i admire the sweet, independent and tough man he’s becoming.


” Being a good person does not depend on your religion, your race, your skin color or your culture. It depends on how good is your heart and how good you treat others.”


If there is one person who amazes me when in comes to developing one’s hidden talent, that would be my good friend, Neng. Who would have thought that this girl who is so “kikay”, carefree, spirited and bubbly would turn out to be a Professional and International  Cake and Cupcake Make-up Artist. Based in Australia with her family, she’s finally back for a vacation. We welcome her home with our warm hugs and kisses. Check her out through her website and see her admirable creations: http://www.minniessweetcreations.com


“Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened” – Wallace Stegner


October was the most memorable month. I had my first lone travel. My solitary wanderlust. My destination? The Most Modern City in Southeast Asia, The City of Diverse Cultures, The Lion City, The Little Red Dot — Singapore!  This is a city brimming with splendid things to see and do. Exploring Singapore, i was able to check out some of the best attractions in the city:

Orchard Road, a 2.2km shopping belt, is Asia’s most famous shopping street and a place for retail therapy. Bugis, situated in the East of City Center where you can find shopping malls and temples and appreciate art and the religion of this tropical nation. The Raffles Hotel that has been gazzetted as a national monument. Chinatown is where Hindu temples and mosques sit right next to Chinese temples. It is a place full of life and a combination of the old and new, filled with classis shops and markets as well as casual cafes and shops. Visit to Singapore would not be complete without seeing the national personification of Singapore, the Merlion.  Although overrated, I still did not miss the chance to have a photo next to it. Clarke Quay a historical riverside quay that’s filled with restaurants, bars, and fun entertainment grounds. The luxurious and glamorous view at Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit Sentosa Island and Universal Studios due to limited time. This gives me all the more reason  to look forward to go back in this amazing country. For solo travelers just learning their way, Singapore is a must visit! 🙂 ” I’ll be back SG lah!”


” As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”

November & December

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
Sarang ha neun — Thomas Jiwon shi
Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

It was the most memorable month for the YOO Family as my niece, Jaja & her husband Tom celebrated the first birthday of their son. The charming, cute, chatty, naughty, frisky, restless and adorable Thomas, my love. Thomas is my cute grandson. Yes, at an early age, I am a certified grannie. 🙂


” Dream Big, Baby Boy”

My 2016 was genuinely worthwhile. I laughed. I cried. I was tested. I was confused. I was disoriented. I was challenged. I had sleepless nights. I was delighted. I was astounded. I was captivated and above all i was truly blessed… ❤


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