Pencil Works

When i was in college, i have this huge admiration to my classmates who have this special virtuosity in drawing portraits. I finished Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising and yes…I can say i am an artistically inclined person but not in the field of portraiture. i lack the skills of replication or creating likeness of a picture or an image. Having done with the thing that i love doing for so many years, i finally decided to do a biggish comeback. Sometime 2012, i bought my very first sketchpad and live over again my ultimate passion… My love for drawing..

…. and the rest is still history in progress! 🙂


My first sketch after 15 years… ROSE DAWSON – TITANIC!

My first attempt of Portraiture. This was supposed to be Kurt Cobain but it turned out to look like someone else. Even thought of much like Tom Cruise!


Kurt Cobain / Tom Cruise
June 2012
Zombie Geisha
July 2012
August 2012
My 2013 sketches..
 Circa 2014, with combination of grit, resoluteness and tremendous guts, i tried to sketch some famous icons, characters & personalities… true enough, it resulted splendidly.. 🙂
“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.” -Frida Kahlo 
 2015, i continued to sketch characters & personalities.
To add more inspiration and brilliance to my slice of heaven, i began to draw the people closest to my heart.. 🙂
June 2015
Baby Caleb
November 2012
Rica Janina
November 2012
My Greatest Blessing – “My Wayne”
June 2015
– I drew this portrait of him exactly on my birthday.. 🙂
2016, in time for the Presidential elections last May, I drew my first caricature..
My first pen and ink..
More of my 2016 sketches..
” Goodness will find this little boy. It always has,,, it will again..”
And so my saga continues, this fervency will forever run in my veins and permanently etched in my heart, as long as i can… As long as i live..
” Have the Passion, take the Action and Magic will happen”– Bar Rafaeli

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